A Bliss Body versus a Bikini Body

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Understanding how to work with our body so that the body will truly start to work for us!

April and May have given us a somewhat different climate than the warm and sunny one we are used to in Marbella. The only relief in the delay of good weather that I personally found was that I could spend more time getting in shape energetically, physically and emotionally in preparation for the more fierce heat of the Marbella summer.

Mainstream media and especially social media has a tendency to bombard us at this time of with quick body blasting fixes; this is what you need in order to feel this way and this is what you should change to look another way...oh and of course it can all be done in 10 days!!

I find it exhausting to try and keep up with all the fads of the moment, always looking for the perfect solution in order to feel energetic, strong and radiant. I realized quickly that I need to become my own detective, a Sherlock Holmes at his best (without “My Dear Watson”), creatively putting all the parts of the puzzle together to see the big picture of how my body functions at its highest potential.

When we completely understand how to work with our body, the body will truly start to work for us. The understanding can come quickly, but the journey towards a blissful body is not a fast one. The amazing side effects of understanding the body and its functions are that we lose, gain or maintain a weight that is healthy, our skin will shine and radiance will come from within. The IQ might not get higher, but our memory and clear thinking will lead us to good and healthy decisions, that will guide us as to which paths to follow and which paths to avoid. We actually become ourselves, as we are meant to be; the best and most healthy version possible.

Instead of the perfect bikini body, let´s make it our goal to assist the body to perfect BLISSful health!  Here are my top tips for a BLISSful body!

Boost with anti-inflammatory foods: Eat organic healthy foods, which are full of vitamins, Omega 3’s and good bacteria’s.
Lower sugar intake: We can lower the glycemic response in the body which is the root cause of dis-ease.
Interesting and varied activities: Every day we can move in any way, shape or form that keeps the heart, muscles, bones and ligaments strong.
Stillness: If meditation, yoga and mindfulness are “not your thing”, simply create moments of peace and quiet, napping and resting.
Sensation: Open your eyes and heart to “awe”, be aware of nature, music, art, food, and helping others, take time for gratitude and anything that can make us feel grand and holy.

By choosing the Bliss path, we activate our capacity to go beyond knowing, we actually start to understand our body and our mind. Oh, and what liberation we feel when things we discover within ourselves or that we read actually start to make sense… Hallelujah!  Yoga is not some magic ritual that automatically makes us immune to the pathologies of our culture where we think change and health is a quick fix. Yoga is simply a tool for working with our own bodies and minds. It encourages us to be more aware, and if we do not like what we see, we can change how we look and respond to the inside and outside influences we face every day.  

Petra is a Yoga Alliance certified Hatha and Raja Yoga teacher and has been teaching since 2005. Her trademark is an energizing workout, which combines graceful movements with powerful breathing and a focused gaze. Working with all students abilities, she helps to create a personal yoga program suited to each individual's needs whether they are living or travelling to Marbella.
If you would like to arrange a consultation or talk with Petra find her details on her page here /wellness/yoga-flow-with-petra