Sustainable Science will be at the core of the Gastronomy at Breathe

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A gastronomic concept coming to Marbella that has Mother Nature at the forefront

BREATHE™ in Marbella will launch in 2018, offering ‘fresh thinking gastronomy’. But it’s not just the food that’s fresh, Breathe™ is built from the ground up on a fresh architectural approach that puts the emphasis squarely on sustainability. Taking advantage of new and groundbreaking technology, Breathe™ have taken spectacular steps to reduce their carbon footprint and implement sustainable practices from day one. 

In their words, "We’re committed to delivering top-quality gastronomic experiences, but there’s no reason why we can’t help out Mother Nature along the way!"

On our recent visit to the site, located just at the entrance to Nueva Andalucia and a couple of minutes’ walk from Puerto Banús, we were so fascinated by their use of planet-saving building methods and technology, we wanted to share a few highlights before they open their doors. When Breathe™ opens in 2018, it will be unlike any other venue in Marbella.  

The Breathe™ founders are passionate about building a more sustainable world and have invested heavily into building sustainability into the very foundations. It’s an eco-friendly approach that goes way beyond recycled containers and locally sourced ingredients. The investment is simply awe-inspiring; Breathe™ are building their very own geothermal energy plant. By drilling 12 perforations, 120 meters deep into the earth below the building, they are creating a liquid-filled loop which will act as a heat exchange. This ingenious system allows Breathe™ to tap into the earth’s ambient temperature of approximately 18°C to cool the building during the warmer months, heat it during cooler months and provide domestic hot water (by capturing “lost” energy) all year round. Traditional AC units emit a whirring sound, but the Breathe™ geothermal plant will be completely silent. The net result is that Breathe™ will only use a fraction of the energy that conventional cooling/heating systems use.

But this isn’t the only way BREATHE™ will be reducing their carbon footprint. They will actually consume carbon onsite. Plants will be more than just a feature at Breathe™, the space will be bursting with life – plants will be integral to the experience of being at Breathe™. The space will be covered in more than 150m2 of densely packed vertical gardens, consuming carbon and producing oxygen at a rate equivalent to a small forest! This will be one of the largest vertical gardens in Spain. 

Thirsty plants need lots of water, so BREATHE™ have cleverly designed features to capture and recycle rainwater in a large underground reservoir, reducing the amount of water being used for irrigation. But it doesn’t stop there – Breathe™ are also making use of the latest innovations in planting technology by using hydro-fertilizers to reduce irrigation by a whopping 50 - 80%.

Once BREATHE™ is open, My Guide Marbella will be the first through the doors to review the gastronomy, talk to the executive chefs and owners and tell you more about what you will be able to enjoy within the venue itself.  Meanwhile, if you want to find out more about the Breathe™ concept or explore opportunities to work at Breathe™, just click here and send an enquiry to their team.