Interview - Manuel López Quiñones


Teatro Chef

Manuel López Quiñones - Teatro Chef

Manuel López Quiñones is the Teatro Marbella Chef. Manuel worked in Michelin star restaurants such as La Broche alongside some of the greatest chefs. After this experience, he transferred to Asia where he found himself working in some of the most famous restaurants in Malaysia. After his Asian adventure, he provided other businesses with consultancy work in Europe and Latin America. Today, Manuel is back in his country of origin, Málaga, where he merges his international experiences with local quality produce for Teatro Marbella.

What made you decide to become a chef?
My family ran a small catering business in the Costa del Sol. My devotion for food grew in this period. I decided to train myself and turn my passion into my profession.

How did your professional career begin? 
I began working mainly at five-star hotels, where I learned about working in a hierarchical organization and working in a team.

How was your experience working for Michelin star restaurants?
I was interested in finding out more about high standard gastronomy and so I took off and I contacted award winning Michelin star restaurants. The main lesson was to put in perspective sacrifice versus success. A quality which has stuck with me this entire time.

What other passions do you have?
I love traveling, so I was drawn to explore other countries and their cultures through cooking, such as Norway, Paraguay, Holand and Morocco.

What can we expect to find in Teatro Marbella?
Teatro Marbella is different in every way and I will tell you why. Each night we design a unique experience for our customers to enjoy. We create magical nights full of entertainment using shows, music, service and gastronomy as our focal points.

Come along and have an amazing time with us, says Manuel!