Marbellas Top 6 Health Food Restaurants

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Guest Blogger Scott Roberts talks fitness and nutrition in Marbella

Nutrition goes hand in hand with any weight loss programme, over the years I have had many clients who have struggled with weight loss due to the fact they have been getting the training session in but totally ignored the diet side of things. This is something I introduce to them more as a lifestyle and make it about making ‘healthy’ choices, which in Marbella where the lifestyle is very social and often leads to meals out and inevitably the odd vino is naturally a bigger challenge!  Who wants to spend hours preparing a weeks worth of dry chicken and soggy broccoli? And let's face it, who wants to eat that anyway?! No food should be off limits in my book as this leads to cravings and ultimately failure, its all about balance.

I have selected some Marbella venues where you can find tasty nutritious meals that will help you reach your goals, hopefully, one or more of them are also just a short walk from your house or office! Most of these hand picked locations also have vegan gluten-free dishes so should suit a variety of dietary needs.

A lovely & quaintly decorated cafe in the centre of Puerto Banús, popular with Instagrammers for the decor and their very well presented dishes. 
I recommend:
Tuna Tartar on a bed of avocado and Mango. This is full of protein and ‘good fats’ that will fill you up and taste delicious!

From the outside, you could really be tricked into thinking this is NOT a healthy place at all, and if you can walk past the homemade gelato and pastries then you can give yourself a massive pat on the back and order some of GOOD stuff, Detox juice and a freshly prepared salad.
I recommend:
The Barbates Tuna salad

Located in San Pedro de Alcántara and another place you will find people with their phones out and Instagramming their food!
The decor is welcoming, staff are fun and friendly and it has a nice terrace area for those post-gym mornings when the sun is shining!  
I recommend:
The Rise & Grind gluten-free oats Simmered in coconut milk with apples cinnamon and spices. Just the thought of it makes my mouth water!!

Located above MTK gym, the perfect place for post-workout eats. The name explains it all just simple healthy dishes.
I recommend:
The vegan (yes VEGAN!) Lentil Stew with veg, potato, wild mushroom and organic black & white rice!

In the centre San Pedro, Gym Junkie is ran by a couple who are just that! All the dishes are designed for pre and post work nutrition at affordable prices. 
I recommend:
The Piri Piri chicken skewers with sweet potato mash.

Hidden away in Los Naranjos next to the Mercadona you may not have heard of it unless you have passed by. Modern decor and it does what it says on the tin ‘FRESH FOOD’, with friendly staff.  
I recommend:
The Salmon Lunch bowl.

Scott is a qualified fitness instructor with over 7 years experience and certified MNU & Precision Nutritionist.  He has competed in body building competitions in the past, however he prides himself on being a trainer for everybody, all ages, fitness levels and abilities. Whether you are complete novice and who wouldn’t know where to begin in a gym and losing weight to those with more experience shifting the last couple of pounds. He can tailor the fitness and nutrition program to suit your individual needs.  
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