Dining by Horoscope in Marbella

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Where every zodiac sign should enjoy their next meal in Marbella

Astrologists will tell you that the zodiac rules more than just our personality and our love life, it also rules our approach to food and dining too! So with this in mind, we have put together the perfect match for each and every sign.  I mean we check our horoscopes for dating, job and travel advice so why not turn to the stars for meal inspo too?  For those of you looking to impress on a date maybe finding out their horoscope first will help you to choose the winning venue!

Instagram Foodie 
Aries are bold, and assertive and don't have time for anything that isn't top-notch.  They also like to tell their story so think instagrammable!
Our top choice for an Aries would be Blend

Unique and quirky
Taurus are known for enjoying the arts and wanting everything to be as individual and quirky as they are. Our top choice for a Taurus would be Bungalow

The Party Animal
Out of all the signs, Geminis are the ones that have the hardest time deciding where to eat and they are social butterflies too so you need somewhere lively and with choices.
Our top choice for a Gemini would be La Sala

Cozy & Classic 
Oh, sweet and sensitive Cancer! You enjoy a venue that has a little romance about it and plenty of quiet corners so that you can snuggle up if you want to.
Our top choice for a Cancer would be Casa Tua Marbella

Elegant Simplicity
Trendy and always down to socialise, Leos love bringing friends together and love a bit of people watching. 
Our top choice for a Leo would be Leone

The UBER romantic and always-in-the-know Virgos love the places that are a little more hidden away and known to the locals.
Our top choice for a Virgo would be Besaya Beach 

Always finding the balance in life, Libras love to try out anything that is Km0 and sustainable so that they know they are doing their bit for the environment whilst also enjoying some of the finer things in life.
Our top choice for a Libra would be BREATHE

Low Key Eats
The world would be so boring without passionate, intense and impulsive Scorpios! They like nothing more than a bit of mid-week impromptu fun with a low-key feed. 
Our top choice for a Scorpio would be Brodernas

The Hidden Gem 
Your Sagittarius friend is probably already making Sunday brunch plans so they can tell you about the fourth crazy weekend they've had in a row! They love discovering new venues. 
Our top choice for a Sagittarius would be Terral Club

Cosy and Cute
A Capricorn is often way too busy working for an actual meal, they often opt for coffee instead!  However, when they do decide to dine it needs to be the very best in the business so think creative cuisine, solid service and a really good wine list.
Our top choice for a Capricorn would be Cascada

Unique and calm
Every Aquarius deserves to dine in a place that is as unique as they are.  Innovative dishes, creative and fun cocktails and gorgeous views will go down well.
Our top choice for an Aquarius would be The Beach House

Lovers of everything connected with the sea and the ocean, a Pisces is going to enjoy the freshest fish and a sea view.
Our top choice for a Pisces is Diblu

If you have a suggestion of somewhere to dine that suits your horoscope feel free to let us know!