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Sardines in Marbella

Anybody who has visited Marbella will be familiar with the sight of Sardines gently grilling on bamboo sticks at their favourite chiringuito.
The Sardine is as much about Marbella and the Costa del Sol as sunshine and beaches, with any decent beachside restaurant sporting its own open boat filled with sand, with olive wood crackling away through the lazy summer days.
Grilling fish this way dates way back to Phoenician times, some 800 years BC, so I guess they must have perfected the art by now, and it's not just Sardines, Turbot, Sea Bass, Sea Bream and even Octopus can be found sizzling away on its "Espeto", a bamboo spear onto which 6 chilled and well-salted Sardines are skewered, with my favourites being the small to medium ones, as they taste slightly sweeter.
One of the most healthy fish around, Sardines are packed with omega 3 and high amounts of iron and Vitamin B,  Sardines are one of the best sources of calcium and vitamin D.
If you are down in Marbella and fancy topping up your Omega 3 levels, pop along to La Red on the beach in the centre of town and order yourself a plate of these vitamin-packed beauties.
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