Marbella keeps its shirt on and fines those that don't 750€


New regulations will see people that are not dressed appropriately in public places or conducting rowdy behaviour heavily fined in a new initiative to maintain Marbella's image as a Luxury Resort

Last year in Marbella it was a hot topic amongst local authorities, business owners and residents, that there had been a vast increase in people walking the streets of Marbella, entering shops and public spaces with inappropriate clothing as well as flaunting costumes and accessories of an explicit nature.   Coupled with this was unexplainably rowdy and lewd behaviour in public, all of which gave significant and rightful cause for concern by our Town Hall.  We are all fans of a good party as well as being followers of fashion here at My Guide Marbella and like nothing better than meeting with a group of friends at one of our beautiful beach clubs for an afternoon of drinks, sunbathing and djs spinning the tunes wearing the latest in designer swimwear and killer shades however, being met when coming to our offices in the prestigious Puerto Banús Marina at 10am by a hen party  group all wearing inflatable penises and little else is most definitely a step too far  so we applaud the fact that this will now be met with a repercussion and inform you of the guidelines here so that you are sure to stay on the right side of the law (and keep your dignity in tact!).

The new regulations currently being drawn up by our authorities and the councillor for the Public thoroughfare, José Eduardo Díaz, mean that public nudism or semi-nudism will be strictly prohibited in a bid to bring balance to "citizen co-existence". This means that to walk along the streets, enter public buildings, businesses or spaces with your torso/chest out, wearing swimwear or underwear, not wearing shoes or to be seen wearing anything that is considered inappropriate in particular that of a sexual nature is prohibited.  Those that are seen to be infringing on this regulation will be met with a firm warning by the local police which if ignored or flaunted in any way will then be met with a formal police record and fine of up to 750€.

Naturally, swimwear can still be worn on the beach and at beach clubs so spending time planning your bikini collection and the perfect fitting swim shorts before coming to Marbella will still be essential and you can also find some of the best boutiques to shop in while you are here, however, for ladies, not fully covering that bikini (a see through wrap dress over the top won't cut it) once you step out of the Beach club or for guys, "forgetting" to put a top on when you head away from the beach towards the marina or shops just won't be tolerated and you will be paying the price if you choose to ignore it. Fancy dress type fun is occasionally accepted at the total discretion of a venue and absolutely no-one is against stag and hen parties having fun, however, you would be advised to dress at that venue rather than travel there with such clothing already being worn to avoid a fine.

So, in summary, and to avoid fines as well as disgrace and a good measure of embarrassment, keep the beachwear and swimwear to the beach, pool and within the privacy of your accommodation and don't think that the streets of Marbella and Puerto Banús, the shops, supermarkets, restaurants, hotel lobbies, public spaces or the marinas are areas where the rules do not apply.

If you would like to know more about this legislation before you come to Marbella then please feel free to contact us and we can give you friendly advice but if you want to see some of the DON'Ts and why this regulation was implemented see a small selection of what we saw last year which really is nothing to do with fashion faux-pas...