The Marbella Summer Survival Kit

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6 Essentials that your must pack to survive your party holiday to Marbella this summer

Marbella has some of the best dining and party venues in Europe, if not the world, so late nights and hangovers often go hand in hand! Whether you are travelling to Marbella this summer for a Stag, a Hen, a birthday, a golf getaway or even just a relaxing holiday with your family and friends don't be caught out in the baking hot wilderness of toned bodies, ice cold drinks and booming baselines without these 6 essentials, just call it your Marbella Survival kit!

1) Sunglasses

At any time of day in Marbella Sunglasses are a must - let's be honest the sun goes down pretty late in the summer here and who knows what time you are getting home?!  A good Marbella night out means you will be watching the sunrise so having some trusty RayBans at hand to hide the all-nighter will be your saving grace!  If you want to buy glasses when you are here then head to El Corte Ingles, you can't go wrong there as they have every designer brand!

2) Paracetamol and rehydration tablets 

Even a chilled night on the terrace with friends and family can lead to you losing count of how many glasses, sorry Bottles, of wine you have had! When the temp is in the 40s and you have had a few the night before it's important to rehydrate and give the body a helping hand!  A trip to one of the uber cool juice bars in Marbella, we love Cafe Rosas in Puerto Banus or the Organic Market & Food opposite the Marbella Club Hotel would also be a good call if you don't have anything from the pharmacy to hand!

3) Quality Suncream

Marbella has 320 days of sunshine a year and in the summer months the temperature can hit a scorching 40degrees. In our years of living on the Costa del Sol (it's called that for a reason!) we have seen far too many tourists whose attempt at "tanning" in something that is no more than baby oil going horribly wrong! So make sure you take precautions for your skin and don't go home looking like a lobster! 

4) Swimwear

There is no better way to escape the heat in Marbella than a refreshing dip, so keep your swimmers with you at all times, as you never know when the opportunity may present itself! Please however also remember to always have enough clothes to wear when you get out of the water (and don't forget to reapply that suncream!) as it´s really not cool to be venturing into restaurants or supermarkets etc with only your swimwear on unless you are on the beach.

5) Phone charger, adaptor & Power bank

There aren't plug sockets on the beach so bringing a fully charged Power Bank is going to be essential if you don't want to miss that perfect holiday snap and Instagram opportunity! We all know, what is the point in having such a fabulous time if you can't post it all over social media and make everyone back home green with envy?!  Plug sockets here are of the round two-pin variety so check before you travel to see if you'll also need an adaptor.

6) At least one pair of flat shoes

So this is more of a top tip for the ladies but so important that we needed to include it! As much as we at My Guide Marbella are most definitely fans of our Jimmy Choos and Louboutin heels on a night out and a pair of glam wedges for trips to the Luxury Beach Clubs, at least one pair of flat shoes or flip flops is going to be a saving grace when that pair of killer heels suddenly become, well, a killer!!  You could always make a new purchase when you are here though because we do have some fabulous shoe shops, just head into the shopping mall called La Cañada and be spoilt for choice!

Ooh and don't forget to pack your toothbrush, Bookmark My Guide Marbella on your phones for all the information, advice and event updates you'll need when you are here and most importantly enjoy!!!