How to register at Marbella Town Hall and why you need to

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If you live in Marbella, you should register at the Town Hall. Every town in Spain has what is known as a "padrón" or municipal register of inhabitants. It’s a bit like the UK voter roll, but in Spain, it’s a census record rather than a list of voters. It records how many people are registered as living in each town area.

When you register at the town hall in Marbella, you are given a registration certificate (certificado de empadronamiento), confirming that you are registered as living in the Marbella area. This certificate is official proof of where you live and is needed when you apply for or use public services, or do anything that requires proof of your address.  Trust us, once you start trying to apply for services you will quickly find out that you are asked for it multiple times!!!

Some examples of things that a padrón certificate is required for are:
  1. registering a child in a local school
  2. registering with the local doctor or health centre, (centro de salud)
  3. changing ownership of, or registering a car
  4. setting up a contract with a utility company
  5. updating your address with the authorities

Everyone who lives at the address should be included in the registration including children and relatives, and once you’re registered you are eligible for reduced local tax rates, (IBI, basura) other local benefits like free public transport or cut-price entrance to municipal services and facilities, e.g. sports centres, etc.

Part-time residents, such as holiday homeowners can register voluntarily. The town encourages everyone to register as it enables them to apply for more funds from the regional government to pay for municipal services.

Registering at the town hall in Marbella, is not the same as registering as a permanent resident in Marbella, Spain.  You can read about that here.

How to register at the Town Hall in Marbella?

First step is to get an appointment online.  You can do that here

You can register at the main Town Hall in Orange square in Marbella or in one of the smaller local sub-office eg. Elviria, Nueva Andalucía, San Pedro etc.  

Generally, you will need the following:
  • Your passport
  • Your NIE or residency (TIE)
  • Copy of your escritura (house deeds) or rental contract.
  • A utility bill (in your name or the landlord's name)

You’ll need to take originals plus photocopies of your documents. The process is usually fairly quick, (unless there's a queue), and you will normally be given your certificate straight away.  You don’t need to book an appointment, at the main Town Hall you take a ticket from the machine when you enter and wait your turn. 

Once issued, your registration (padrón) certificate is valid for just 3 months.  If you need the certificate to prove you address after 3 months, you have to go and obtain another one. You only need your ID to go and do this a 2nd time but will need to apply for the appointment online first.

If you change address, you have to re-register again and take all your documents and photocopies again to start the process anew. Otherwise, your registration only needs to be confirmed every 5 years, if you are a resident, or every 2 years if you are a non-resident or non-EU citizen.

You can apply for registration in the Marbella municipality at any of the following locations:

Marbella Town Hall
Plaza de los Naranjos s/n
Tel. +34 952 761 100 / Fax +34 952 761 184

Las Chapas
C/ Pinsapo s/n 29604 Marbella
Tel. +34 952 768 730 / Fax +34 952 838 725

Nueva Andalucía
Avda. Miguel de Cervantes, 15 Nueva Andalucía 29660
Tel.+34 952 761 600 / Fax +34 952 812 938

San Pedro Alcántara
Plaza de la Iglesia 1, 29670 San Pedro Alcántara
Tel. +34 952 809 800 / Fax +34 952 789 304