Billy Ocean Wins Straight Set at Puente Romano Tennis Club Marbella

Crazy Music Productions has for years now been throwing some spectacular shows, and last Thursday was no different! The Crazy 80’s live concert headlined Right Said Fred, Heather Small (the voice of M People) and last, but by far not the least, Billy Ocean. 

The venue itself is something truly unique and spectacular. The Crazy 80’s live concert was held in the famous Puente Romano Tennis Club, a tennis club so exclusive and wonderful that it’s the go-to for all visiting celebrities, whether it’s to frequent the boutiques, relax in the spa or wine and dine in the restaurants. 

With a big name like Billy Ocean closing the concert, it was bound to be an event not to be missed! The skies cleared beautiful just in time for the warm up act, Paul Maxwel The Piano Man, and by the time Right Said Fred, or ‘The Freds’ as his t-shirt said, stepped on to the stage in his flowy summery skirt, the whole audience were ready to yell that they were too sexy for everything! 

Up next was the amazing Heather Small, but there is absolutely nothing small about her voice. She belted out some absolute classic songs, included her famous song ‘Proud’ which had everyone singing along. Not only did she sing fabulously, she looked fabulous doing it... everyone was on their feet dancing along with her throughout her whole set! 

By the time it was Billy Oceans turn, the whole of Puente Romano was ready to go straight into his all time classics. He came on the stage bouncing with energy, and his enthusiasm to please the crowd was palpable - he took the stage by storm! With moves so smooth and a voice so strong like his, the only sign that he’s 67 years old were his silver dread locks, and the beard to match. We were loving every second, and so was he. He sang classics like 'Red Light Spells Danger', 'Suddenly' and 'Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car'. 

Saving the best for last as always, when ‘Caribbean Queen’ started to play the entire tennis court erupted. We’ve all sang along to this song for years, and to sing along to it with the man himself was something truly special. 

Billy Oceans smile didn’t once fail the crowd, and his set was a phenomenal way to round up another great summer in Marbella concert.