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The Goldilocks approach of not too much nor not too little maybe the way to ensure you reach your true destination and also keep those resolutions

How many times have we entered the New Year with a sense of relief that we can finally drop what is not serving us in our life anymore? Probably as many times as we struggle to continue on the path of change, quitting or adding something that would help us live a more sensible life! For 2018 many of us may wish to see changes when we look at the scale, our bank account and in how our kids and family relationships develop and perhaps taking on board some Yogic thoughts and patterns will actually help us achieve some of those resolutions this year.

According to the ancient yoga texts, the success in seeing the results we want lays in the Goldilocks Rule; with an approach that is not too much nor too little. For example, too much exercise will break down our body instead of building it up, and too little will weaken the muscles, bones and affect our sleeping patterns.  Too many things (money) to care for in our life might drain our energy instead of filling it, as we need to maintain them, insure them, clean them and use them. Not enough things (money) might hinder us to be productive, efficient and useful in our daily lives, benefitting others and ourselves.
The problem is not so much that we resist the actual change in our life, but more the work it takes in order to see the results. We are accustomed to quick fixes, pills and miracles that might even allow us to “have the cake and eat it too” (literally). We also tend to mainly focus on seeing changes in our bodies, financial status and experiences. These are all important parts of our life, but if we identify success and happiness with an attachment to the results of only these items, we will create a big bump on the road to our inner happiness. Instead of looking with a magnifying glass on what can be changed around us, we are better off taking up a mirror and looking within.

The good news here is that we do not need to reinvent ourselves in order to become peaceful and useful. According to the ancient yoga texts, we ALREADY are who we so deeply are looking to become. We just need to peel off the layers of what we “we are NOT” in order to see clearly what is left. When we realize that our actual experience comes from our thinking, we can finally take the reins of how we wish to live and experience our lives. In other words; what we think we become.

Gandhi said it beautifully: 
“Your beliefs become your thoughts, 
Your thoughts become your words, 
Your words become your actions, 
Your actions become your habits, 

Your habits become your values, 
Your values become your destiny.

But in order to reach our destiny (our highest potential), it takes effort and practice (abhyasa). Practice and effort is a focused, one pointed concentration on an intention. That can be anything from going to the gym once a week to completing the chemotherapy, to fully achieve happiness NO MATTER what your living situation may be.
There are four pillars of practice according to the yogis:
  • Practice for a long time: Here “long” is not defined, but surely longer than the 21 days that some suggest.
  • Practice without breaks: To continue with dedication what you started, with no excuses to “pause” and leave the practice.
  • Practice with sincerity: To not just do the practice mechanically, but with our heart. Not only do what we love, but we love what we do.
  • Small changes bring big result: If the famous New Years List is not your thing, choose ONE thing and stick to it. It can be small or big, but by sticking to it you will build the “change muscle” strong and lean, and with a desire to expand to other areas of your life.
Hand in hand with our practice comes letting go. (variagya). They work together: Practice leads you in the right direction, while non-attachment allows you to continue the inner journey without getting sidetracked into the pains and pleasures along the way.
When we are letting go of the result, we can more appreciate the process of getting there. This inner change leads to an internal shift even if the external change takes place or not. Then, and only then, can true transformation take place and the journey becomes the destination. 
a firm decision to do or not to do something
Petra is a Yoga Alliance certified Hatha and Raja Yoga teacher and has been teaching since 2005. Her trademark is an energizing workout, which combines graceful movements with powerful breathing and a focused gaze. Working with all students abilities, she helps to create a personal yoga program suited to each individual's needs whether they are living or travelling to Marbella.
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