Aloha School Donation to CADI

Charity Editorial

Aloha School Donation to CADI

Aloha College of Marbella, the international educational centre of Marbella that has a history of teaching excellence over 35 years of experience and a multinational community represented by more than 57 nationalities, invited the CADI Association to the School on Wednesday, March 14th.

Solidarity is one of the values that are always present in their classrooms and this time they have wanted to collaborate with a small local Association that dedicates its efforts to support, guide and find resources for families with children with any type of disability: physical, intellectual or sensory. 

The Association CADI (Center for Attention to Children's Diversity) also organizes different events to raise funds, essential for the therapies of their children, the practice of various sports that are very beneficial for them or other activities that help them develop and wellness.

Within the framework of one of these events, a Solidarity Festival for the benefit of CADI to be held in the La Catarina Concert Hall next Saturday, March 31, Aloha College has also wanted to contribute with their help so that this initiative is a real success. 

Thanks to this financial contribution, the children of CADI will be able to continue receiving aid, therapies ... which are so expensive for their parents.

In this event, there will also be performances, magic, live music and a charity raffle where more than 25 magnificent prizes donated by companies and businesses in the area will be raffled off. 

An event to which everyone is invited and where fun and solidarity will be guaranteed. 

All CADI families are deeply grateful for all the love and support they are receiving as well as the visibility that this event will bring them.

Fundacion Aloha College 
"Aloha College is a not-for-profit foundation, we do not teach for profit and we believe education is not only about academic success but also about teaching how to become a good person, how to turn problems into opportunities; to be grateful and to contribute to making a better world.

Charity and helping others, in general, is an important part of our school life. We help institutions like Piel de Mariposa, Fundación Escariolo, Cudeca and Crece; our Year 12s have a charity group called Interact and they themselves organise events and raise money for different organisations.

When we knew that Liz Cassidy, alumna of our school, was organising this event to help CADI we thought it was a perfect opportunity to help children with special needs at the same time as forging greater links with our alumni, to let them know that Aloha College is in the heart of every alumnus or alumna and we do not forget them once they leave school. They can rely on us to give them any help we can afford to give, especially when with it we are enabling children to receive better care."