Free Family Quiz about Marbella

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An enjoyable and informative quiz suitable for all ages at any time of the year.

This free fun family quiz is an excellent activity to do if you have an hour to kill in Marbella. All of the answers to the quiz can be found by walking or driving around the centre of Marbella or by asking any locals (try not to use google!). 

1. How many ports are there in Marbella town and what are they? (not including Puerto Banús)
2. Find the indoor market in the centre of Marbella (only open in the mornings) and discover the delights inside.
3. What is the church in the centre of Marbella old town called? Take a picture of the door of this church.
4. When does Marbella Feria take place?
5. Name two typical dshes you will find in a tapas restaurant in Marbella and try at least one.
6. What is the famous square in the centre of Marbella called?
7. What does ´La Concha´ mean in English? Take a picture of the ´La Concha´ mountain in Marbella.
8. What is the Mayor of Marbella called and where is her town hall located?
9. What are Marbellan residents called in Spanish? 
10. Find the Plaza de la Alameda and discover which artist created the sculptures.

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