Churros-Your Marbella Hangover Cure

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A Golden Nugget of advice to save the day when that dreaded hangover kicks in!

So, the game is afoot, you've arrived in Marbella and hit the ground running. Dash into the Hotel or Villa, thrown your luggage in the general direction of the wardrobe, checked your hair and teeth and out you go!

You're not going to waste a single moment of your annual fortnight in the sun and so into the night you go for what should be one of many memorable evenings. Maybe you should eat something first whispers the angel on your left shoulder, rubbish says the devil on your right, get stuck in, which of course you duly do, a cocktail here a glass of bubbly there, mmm, Gin and Tonic, that sounds like a plan.

Then, as always, you realise the Angel on your left, was indeed talking sense, but it's too late of course, your mind is firmly fixed now on hitting the club for more of the same. It's four o'clock in the morning and you are walking as if you put your shoes on the wrong way round and head home, satisfied with your lot.  You then wake to the sound of Thor banging his mallet on his celestial anvil and wonder why oh why you had that last shot, well, we all tell ourselves it was only the last drink that did the damage, not the dozen before, but hey ho!!
A cure, there must be a cure you think hazily to yourself, well, there is, and it comes in the most unlikely form of deep fried flour, water and salt- The Churro!  The Churro, Spain's favourite snack and hangover cure is here to save the day! The dough, a simple mix of flour and water is squeezed directly into a vat of boiling oil through a star-shaped nozzle and fried till golden brown and then served with a good sprinkling of sugar and a steaming hot cup of chocolate for dipping it in!

So with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra playing The Charge of The Light Brigade in your head, you head gingerly off to find a crispy hot plate of Churros with a cup of thick chocolate to dip it into!  You'll not find Churros on the menu in the more International venues but most good Spanish Cafés will serve Churros and Chocolate first thing in the morning. Our favourite is Churrería Ramón, right in the centre of Orange Square in Marbella Old town, however, if this is too much of a mission with a hangover I am sure there will be somewhere local to your accommodation! Feel free to reach out to our concierge team if you want a recommendation!

Now this fabulous Spanish Gourmet experience probably won't cure you completely, a quick trip to the Farmacia afterwards for some Redoxon may also help, but it will enable you to muster the strength to find your beach bed; order that first glass of Rosé and plan the night ahead!