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A daily updated article to keep citizens and tourists informed during the Covid-19 outbreak

Pedro Sanchez, Spanish Primeminister announced that tourists from low-risk countries such as the UK are now welcome into Spain from 24th May 2021.  Also included in this list are Australia, Israel, New Zealand, South Korea, China, India and Thailand. This means that you can visit without essential reasons and just come for a holiday! The information can be read in Spanish here for those interested in the official papers.  Note that currently, the Spanish government requires all arrivals to Spain to present on entry a pre-travel declaration form and depending on the country that you are arriving from there are specific requirements relating to your vaccination status.  
**If you are travelling to Spain in the coming days please click here to complete the necessary documentation or download the Spain Travel Health App.

Entry requirements to and from individual country of origin are changing frequently so we always advise checking your own embassy website before travel. For UK travellers this website is where you will find updates FCO – UK :

It is not obligatory to wear a mask outside in Spain and where social distancing can be practiced.  It is still obligatory to wear a mask if you are inside shops, supermarkets, and other indoor facilities or if you are travelling in a form of public transport such as a bus, taxi or train.

US citizens are due to be welcomed from 7th June 2021 if they have received a double vaccination at least 14 days before entering into Spain.

Local restaurants, bars, shops and activities can all be found here on My Guide Marbella so reach out to them from the page for more information and to make any bookings in advance.

We hope many of you will decide to travel to Marbella and until then enjoy our latest My Guide Weekly videos :-)

As the whole world is reacting differently to the Covid-19, Coronavirus outbreak, we want to inform you of the actions taken by the government in Spain and here locally in Marbella to protect tourists and citizens alike.  We will be updating this information as the pandemic goes on.  

People may be sick with the virus for 1 to 14 days before developing symptoms. The most common symptoms of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) are fever, tiredness, and dry cough. Most people (about 80%) recover from the disease without needing special treatment. More rarely, the disease can be serious and even fatal. Older people, and people with other medical conditions (such as asthma, diabetes, or heart disease), may be more vulnerable to becoming severely ill.

If you develop fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical advice promptly as this may also be due to a respiratory infection or other serious condition.  Calling +34 900400061 or 112 will put you in touch with the right team here in Spain or, if you have private healthcare you may also have another dedicated line.  Sanitas, for example, offers live video consultation via their app. In Spain, they are currently not testing for the virus unless the symptoms are so bad you need to be hospitalized.   

As part of the government initiative to stop the spread of the virus, they continue to advise the below: 
- Wash your hands often and for min 20 secs at a time. 
- Cough or sneeze into your arm, not your hands
- Avoid physical contact with other citizens 
- Do not touch your face
- Stay hydrated
- Disinfect surfaces in your home regularly including phones, computers and tablets. 
-Maintain social distancing of 2m

Currently, the only 2 hospitals locally admitting patients that are suffering from Corona Virus complications are Costa del Sol (Public hospital) and the Quiron Hospital (private).

Developing symptoms of COVID-19 while in Spain

If you think you have symptoms, including fever or respiratory difficulties such as shortness of breath or a cough, you should stay in your accommodation and call your regional hotline. 
Andalusia: Tel. +34 955 545 060

1. If you have doubts about the possibility of having Coronavirus download the Spanish NHS health app called Salud Responde and follow their advice.
2. If you have been in contact with someone that you know to be positive then you must take yourself for a test at the nearest Urgencias (for free) or to a private testing clinic stating that you have been in the presence of someone positive and need a test yourself and then isolate yourself for the following 10 days.

We take our information from the Junta de Andalucía website dedicated to statistics and cartography.  The link is here if you wish to dissect the information as we do each day!  You can search by Hospital district (Costa del Sol is Marbella's) or by the municipality which gives a more isolated breakdown by specific areas.

Past News Releases with useful links can be seen here for information purposes

**We will update any news as it is made official at the top of this article**

7th May 2021

From 9th May the State of Alarm ended and restrictions in Andalucía have been updated as follows with a rather big hallelujah from us!! 

CURFEW : There will no longer be any curfews in place

HOSPITALITY :  Restaurants and Bars can open until 12 midnight and Take Away services can continue business as normal

NUMBERS AT A TABLE : Up to 10 persons can meet outside, only 8 persons inside restaurants though.

NIGHTLIFE : Nightclubs and bars can now open until 3.30am in the morning but for dancefloors to be open they must be open air

SHOPPING AND COMMERCE: Their normal opening hours will resume

TRAVEL: The whole region of Andalucía will now be open 

SCHOOLS : All remain open as normal, Universities remain online

CELEBRATIONS / EVENTS : Maximum of 300 inside and 500 in an exterior space

5th March 2021

The Junta de Andalucia has introduced a new system of "levels" to ascertain restrictions within a particular area which is also classified as the Health Authority district.  These levels are decided based upon several factors, not just the incidence rate and are reviewed every 7 days on Thursdays.

Marbella falls within the Costa del Sol Health authority district as we are in Level 3.  This means that the restrictions remain exactly as they have been with reference to commerce and hospitality in particular closing at 6pm.

However, the nearby Malaga region has been lowered to a level 2 so they have the advantage of being able to keep those non-essential businesses open until 9.30pm.  You are able to travel to Malaga so if you wish to make a day trip there or an overnight stay in one of the super Malaga hotels then you can also enjoy an evening meal or slightly later drinks than those of us in the Marbella area.​

25th January 2021
The incidence rate of infection has gone over 1000 per 100,000 inhabitants in Marbella which is forcing the closure of all non-essential businesses from this Wednesday 27th Jan 2021 until the incidence rate falls below the 1000 mark.  You can keep updated on the towns that are affected in this map also .

Restrictions will be reviewed by the Junta de Andalucía and announced by Juanma Moreno every Monday and Thursday so we will update news of change as it happens.

This includes all restaurants, bars, gyms, retail shops, shopping centres, cinemas, theatres, sporting facilities and indoor activity centres...essentially everything within the leisure and hospitality sector.  This is NOT a full lockdown to your home and the specific details will be published in the official boletin (BOJA) every week .

Places that remain open will include:

  • Supermarkets
  • Schools
  • Health centres
  • Dentists
  • Pharmacy
  • Opticians
  • Vets
  • Outdoor open-air sports facility with no contact eg. Real Club de Padel outdoor gym can stay open
  • Facilities for professional accredited sports
  • Professional and legal services
  • Petrol stations
  • Stationary and newsagents
  • Hardware stores
  • Construction suppliers
  • Mechanics and ITV
  • Tobacconists
  • Florists
  • Delivery services
  • Launderettes
  • Hairdressers
  • Telecommunications centres
  • Restaurants within hotels for the use of the clients staying

CURFEW : 10pm - 6am 

HOSPITALITY :  Take Away open only /lists/restaurants-offering-delivery-service-during-covid19


TRAVEL : Permitted only within the municipality in the majority of cases 

SOCIAL GATHERINGS : Up to 4 persons can meet 

SCHOOLS : All remain open as normal, Universities remain online


23rd January 2021 - Marbella Municipality statistics
The format of the statistics published has changed in recent days where the incidence rate per 100,000 of the population is now the key topic.  Remaining below 1000 keeps certain restrictions from being applied.

As of today, Marbella has an incidence rate of 984.8

If we look at the sanitary district of the Costa del Sol we can see totals as we could previously by the municipality.
  • Confirmed total - 18,065
  • In ICU - 101
  • Death total - 285
  • Cured - 11,587

18th December 2020
The Andalucian government has announced specific guidelines and regulations to cover the Christmas and Festive period up until 10th January 2021.
  • CURFEW : 11am - 6am (24th and 31st curfew is until 1.30am!)
  • HOSPITALITY : Open until 6pm (closed 6-8pm) Open 6-10.30pm
  • BUSINESSES : Open until 10.30pm
  • TRAVEL : Permitted within the whole province of Andalucia and family are allowed to enter the region
  • SOCIAL GATHERINGS : Up to 6 persons can meet (10 persons on the 24th, 25th, 31st and 1st)

8th November 2020
The Andalucian government has made an announcement to reduce infection growth.  This includes:
-Curfew in our residences from 10pm to 7am daily
-Closure of all non-essential businesses at 6pm eg. Restaurants, Bars, Clothes shops
**Remember many restaurants will still offer delivery services in the evenings for dinner, check out our top picks here!!
-Closure of all essential businesses will now be at 10pm which includes petrol stations, hairdressers, open-air sports facilities, vets, supermarkets, pharmacy, hospitals so you will still be able to go to make a shop after 6pm or go for a run at 8pm for example
-Restriction of mobilitiy within your municipality of residence unless it is for the purpose of work, education, medical reason, travel to an airport and proof of such can be given
**The Municipalities locally include Marbella, Estepona, Benahavís, Manilva, Casares, Istán, Ojén, Coín, Mijas for example
-Social gatherings limited to a maximum of 6 persons
The situation will be re-evaluated on the 23rd November.

25th October 2020
The Central Government announced a new "State of Alarm" to the country for the next 15 days.  This allows autonomous regions, in our case Andalucía, the ability to limit mobility within their region if they feel it is required.  
We have been required to implement a curfew at 11pm until 6am so restaurants and bars are closing a little earlier at the moment.

29th September 2020
The Junta de Andalucía has announced a series of strict restrictions in the municipalities where there is a high incidence of cases.  Marbella is not affected by these regulations as our cases are not reaching the numbers to be alarmed.

17th August 2020
The Spanish Government have announced the following new measures to slow down any new spread of Covid 19
- Nightlife: activity is suspended in discos, dance halls, cocktail bars and karaoke bars. Likewise, amateur singing or dancing performances. IF YOU HAD A RESERVATION IN A NIGHTCLUB CONTACT THEM FROM HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.
- Time restriction: The catering sector may not close later than 01:00 a.m. or accept more clients after 00:00. The separation distance will be 1.5 meters between tables with a maximum occupancy of 10 people per table.
- Authorization is required for events or activities of more than 400 people.
- Smoking is prohibited on public roads, terraces or beaches without a distance of 2 meters.
- It is forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages on public roads.
- Nursing homes: Visits are restricted to one person per resident and a maximum of 1 hour.

21st June 2020
Marbella enters the "new normal" - find information about regulations here 

8th June 2020
Marbella enters Phase 3

1st June 2020
Marbella enters into Phase 2.

18th May 2020
Marbella entered into Phase 1

2nd May 2020
Marbella entered into Phase 0

29th April 2020
Announcement has been made about de-escalation of the quarantine in 4 phases over the course of the next 8 weeks.  Further details will follow in this separate article.

27th April 2020
Municipality figures have become available on the Junta de Andalucía website.  

26th April 2020
From Sunday 26th April children 14 and under have been given permission to have a 1-hour walk outside.

These are the key guidelines you need to adhere to:
1.  You can WALK within a 1km radius from the home

2. 1 parent/carer that is currently living in the same home can go out with up to 3 children.  If you have more than 3 children you would need to take more than one outing so that you still have just 1 adult within the group. 

3. If the beach or Paseo Maritimo is within 1km of your home you are permitted to walk on it but no-one is permitted to swim in the sea.

4. Public parks remain closed. 

5. The guidelines set out regarding hygiene advice for adults that have been making the essential trips remains the same; wearing gloves, washing hands when returning home, leaving shoes outside before coming in and adopting 1-2m social distancing is still the priority. 

6. The trips from the home can take place between 9am to 9pm

7. Children are allowed to take their own bicycles, scooters and other toys to the street (also advised to give them a wash down when you get back)

We are pleased to hear that our lady Mayoress feels the people of her town have the maturity to act sensibly with this small change to the hard lockdown we have all been respecting for several weeks.   We are hugely happy with this latest update and hope that everyone gives the little ones they see a smile and a wave (from a socially responsible distance) if they see them having a walk so they know the world isn't as scary as it has maybe seemed for the last 6 weeks!

If you are not clear how far you can travel from home then this useful tool will help show just how far a 1km radius is

23rd April 2020
Pedro Sanchez has gathered the political support he requires to extend the state of alarm in Spain until 9th May 2020.  

14th April 2020
*Specific sectors including construction have been permitted to return to work but still adhering to the state of alarm hygiene and practical measures outlined on 14th March.

7th April 2020
*1500 tests have already been carried out in the 5 municipal elderly care homes, the most vulnerable members of our community, as part of a large gesture from the owner of Helicopteros Sanitarios.

*The town hall can confirm that there are NO cases of Covid-19 in any of the residents of the care homes :-)

*1500 further tests have arrived that will be used to test all frontline workers in the coming days including doctors, nurses, health officials and others such as the DYA, Bancosol and Caritas that are more at risk as a result of dealing with greater numbers of the general public.

*A high-tech atomised cleaning system has been disinfecting the streets of Marbella with over 1500km covered and focused on vulnerable areas such as banks, supermarkets, pharmacies and health centres.

LOCKDOWN - From Monday 16th March 2020 citizens of Spain went into "lockdown".  Restaurants, cafes, gyms, schools and all public places were closed. We were asked to work from home and limit travel within a small radius of our home only leaving for essential reasons such as a visit to a supermarket or to a pharmacy or hospital. You were able to walk your dog as a single person with walks up to 50m from your residence and we were advised to take both your pets and your own ID when doing so.   The police and military were overseeing that citizens abide by these rules with a strong presence on the roads, in towns and any previous public places and fines were issued for those breaking the rule.

As part of the government initiative to stop the spread of the virus, they advised the below: 
- Wash your hands often and for min 20 secs at a time. 
- Cough or sneeze into your arm, not your hands
- Avoid physical contact with other citizens 
- Do not touch your face
- Stay hydrated
- Disinfect surfaces in your home regularly including phones, computers and tablets. 
-Maintain social distancing of 2m

To stay in touch with measures being taken here in Marbella our mayoress Angeles Muñoz is a great source of information on Social Media!  We follow her on facebook here 

SUPERMARKETS - Whilst the Supermarkets will remain open there will be shortages of certain products. Only one person is allowed to do the shopping and you must keep your receipt as proof of purchase. Some stores now require you to wash your hands at a designated station before entering the store and all ask that gloves are worn and that a social distance of at least 1m is maintained between yourself and other shoppers.
Please do not panic buy items and remember we can live quite happily without toilet roll, its called using your bidet or shower!

TRAVEL BANS - On March 16, the Spanish government announced the closing of its land borders, allowing only citizens, residents and others with special circumstances to enter the country. There are still flights operating out of Malaga each day which in many cases is helping travellers return to their country of origin. Direct flights from Italy to Spain have been banned until April 28th. Some airlines are offering refunds for flights during the lockdown. Contact your airline for further advice and information.

HOSPITALITY - All cafes, restaurants, gyms, nightclubs shopping centres, casinos, kids play centres will be closed for a period of 15 days (this is certain to change as we go on). Although some smaller cafes and restaurants are open to provide a delivery service for those in isolation and we will be supporting them all through this time by promoting their services here /lists/restaurants-offering-delivery-service-during-covid19

TRANSPORT OF GOODS - Remains unlimited to allow the supermarkets to restock. 

FINANCES - There is help at hand for people paying mortgages during the #COVID19 outbreak. If you have lost your job or you are an autónomo or entrepreneur who has suffered a significant loss of earnings (a loss of at least 40%), you might be eligible. The quota you are paying must be equal to or greater than 35% of the net earnings of your household. For further information, see the link below.

Here are also a couple of useful videos by a local Property expert
Overview of the announcements made by Pedro Sanchez

Tax obligations currently

Help for tenants of rented homes​

We hope you all stay safe and healthy and really try to enjoy this time at home with loved ones. Keep an eye on our blogs for inspiration and ideas of things to do. We will be updating information as and when we have it.