Winter fun in Marbella

Adventure Inspiration

Calling all chocolate lovers! Mayan Monkey chocolate factory is offering chocolate making classes!

Marbella may be the ideal choice for those wanting sun-kissed bodies in the summer but there is so much to see and do during the winter months and while you may not be able to top up your tan, the sun does shine 320 days of the year!

We've put together a list of exciting, relaxing, adrenaline-pumping and fun things to do so if you do come to Marbella in the winter months you can enjoy your stay just as much as you would in the summer.


If you haven't been to Gibraltar and spent the day meandering through the truly beautiful caves and breath-taking views from the top of the rock then it's definitely something that should be at the top of your list. Head to the square on main street and jump into a minibus taxi, which is very reasonable at £22 per person for the full tour (£10 of which is the entrance fee to the national park).

The drivers could almost pass as historians for Gibraltar as their wealth of knowledge about the rock and its history is incredible and their passion for it is obvious. The trip isn't for the faint-hearted as you do drive along some very scary drops but it is worth it once you get into the caves and see the natural architechture. Like something out of an Indiana Jones movie, the caves tunnel deep into the rock and offer some insight into the battles that have taken place there.

We obviously cannot talk about Gibraltar without mentioning the monkeys that reside there - and while they are (relatively) well behaved, they will jump and grab for food so make sure you leave all food in the minibus. Children love the monkeys, especially the baby ones who sit on the cab drivers shoulders and if legend is to be believed they will be taking residence there for years to come, lest the rock will crumble to the sea.

View from the topMonkey business

Climb la concha

When you look up at La Concha (the mountain towering over Marbella) it does seem like a long way to the top…but once you start the walk and take in the stunning vistas and countryside, the hours just fly by. That’s right I said hours! This walk is not for those who think walking up the stairs is a long way…but if you have a good frame of mind, enough water, and a good pair of trainers or walking boots then most semi-fit people can do it – you don’t need athletic strength and stamina.

Make sure to pick a clear, sunny day as temperatures at the top are a lot cooler than at the bottom and you don’t want to get to the summit and just see cloud and fog.

If you aren’t at your fittest or have children that want to tag along, there are less intense routes that don’t go the whole way up and aren’t as taxing as the main route.

La Concha viewView from La Concha

Sierra Nevada

The ultimate winter activity…skiing is such a popular sport and the mountains of Sierra Nevada are only a few hours’ drive from the sandy shores in Marbella. With pistes available for all levels and abilities, the resort is just the right size for first timers or those wanting a quick getaway from the Coast. Staying in the resort is the easiest option but if you want to save some pennies we’d recommend heading a little further back down the mountain and checking into one of the B&B’s or hotels along the route.

Chocolate making in Mijas

Calling all chocolate lovers….Mayan Monkey chocolate factory in Mijas are offering chocolate making classes. The world’s smallest chocolate factory offers an insight into the history of chocolate as well as the art of tempering and participants get the chance to make three of their own chocolate bars. Tailor made to age groups, the workshops run in 6 languages and are a great way to spend a winter’s day!

Sierra NevadaMayan Monkey Chocolate

Horse riding

Ever wanted to ride along, with the wind in your hair, and hooves galloping beneath you…well why not take the ride of a lifetime in Marbella and experience the beautiful landscapes and impressive mountain trails that the Costa del Sol has to offer. Catering for all levels, the guided tours are approximately two hours but can be extended to a full days ride and you can even enjoy tapas and wine surrounded by nature after your ride.

Hot air balloon

On land Marbella and its surrounding countryside is beautiful, but from the air it can be simply breath-taking. Experience the truly unforgettable with a hot air balloon ride with Experience Box Spain and discover Andalucia from the sky. The one hour flights are not for those with a fear of heights or flying but for adventure enthusiasts looking for complete calm and tranquillity, a hot air balloon is the ideal experience. A clear sunny day is paramount for the flight but on a crisp winter’s morning you can just settle back and enjoy the ride.

Horse-riding in the countrysideHot air balloon ride