All you need to know about coffee in Marbella

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Uncovering and translating the different options that you need to know when ordering a coffee in Marbella

There are so many different varieties of coffee and when you have to translate the name as well as understand what it also means in English it can be tricky! We feature here examples of all the coffee options you can find in Marbella!

1. ''Un descafeinado'' is basically a decaffeinated coffee which you can ask for as "de maquina", ie with ground coffee or "de sobre" which is the dissolvable type that you will be given in a sashet.

2. ''A nube '' is a very milky coffee so it contains more milk than coffee, about a 70/30 mix of milk to coffee...if you really want to just sample a taste of coffee but in all honesty prefer the taste of hot milk ask for a ''leche manchada '', which literally translates as stained milk!

3. ''Café con leche'' is literally translated as coffee with milk and it's the closest thing to a latte, although a bit is generally half coffee and half milk.

4. ''Un cortado'' is a short and stronger version of a café con leche, served in a smaller cup with just a small amount of frothed milk and a strong expresso.

5. ''Café solo'' is great for the strong coffee drinkers, pure coffee in a small mug typically taken instead of a dessert after a meal or first thing in the morning to get yourself started!

6. Then they have ''Americano'' a long black coffee with no milk at all.

7. If you want to go fancy, and you have a sweet tooth a ''Café bombón'' is the perfect choice which consists of condensed milk at the bottom of the glass topped with delicious coffee on top.

8. ''Café con Hielo'' is great for a refreshing drink on a hot day, quite simply it is coffee with ice giving you the energy you need in a cool way!

9. Finally but by no means least, the Spanish truck drivers favourite (worryingly!)  ''The Carajillo'', a coffee typically topped with a shot of rum, brandy or whisky and (equally worryingly!) drunk at any time of day!

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