Travel Information

Our Marbella Travel Information section has been created to help you know more about Marbella before you visit on holiday and to give you useful tips while you are here. Whether you're coming for a short weekend or a two week holiday, with some luck, these helpful hints will make it less stressful.

At the Airport

Arriving at Malaga airport is a fairly simple process, once you have passed through passport control, you can collect your luggage and head outside where taxi's are waiting and a bus service that runs into Malaga city centre and to Marbella bus station for you to continue your journey.

If you are departing from Malaga airport then once you have checked in, there is a wide selection of restaurants, bars and duty free shops for you to pass the time before you board your plane.

Getting around

You can hire a car at the airport from one of the reputable hire companies - most offer competitive rates and a good service. If you do hire a car then it is very simple to collect as a representitive of the company will be waiting to take you to it as you exit the airport.

When driving in Marbella, always make sure you carry your driving license with you at all times,never use a mobile phone while driving and do not drive in flip-flops - if you are stopped by the police they will not be happy!

If you want to listen to the radio then some good stations are: Central - 98.6fm, Global - 96.5fm, Spectrum - 90.4fm, Talk Radio - 104.4fm or 91.9fm.

If you do not want the expense of a hire car or simply do not need one for the time that you are here then the public transport is good, buses are cheap and reliable and while taxis may cost a bit more, they are friendly and an easy option.

Alternatively if you are travelling in a group then a great way to get from the airport to your destination, and vice versa, is via a private transfer service. Approved by our local experts, Marbella Taxis and Simply Shuttles offer excellent low cost rates and the comfort of your own private vehicle, making it an ideal way of getting to your accommodation without any fuss.


Spain's currency is Euros but exchange rates can vary so please check before you draw or change money. Often you will get a good rate when drawing money out of an ATM machine and almost all restaurants, bars and other venues will take credit cards.

Dialing codes

Spain's dialing code is +34 but if you are here on holiday and want to call home, make sure you add the code from your home country and drop the 0 at the beginning of the number.

Prices and tips

When tipping it is customary to give about 10% of the bill as a tip, most restaurants and bars will not include the service charge on the bill and will leave it up to you how much to leave.


Hotels and Restaurants

Hotels in Marbella range from hostels to 5 star so you can expect to pay anything between €15-20 to €500 a night depending on your price range and choice of accommodation.

Similarly to hotels, Marbella has a host of restaurants for you to choose from, whether it's a quick bite on the beach for a few euros or at a fine dining restaurant with Michelin starred quality.

If there is something else that you would like to know about Marbella, that isn't listed here, please contact us for advice at .