Love our Locals and bring Paralysed Photograher David Toms back home

Charity Editorial

Dear friend, Professional photographer and Bike enthusiast David Toms life changed dramatically one year ago leaving him paralysed in 4 limbs and now we want to help his support team bring him home

A little over a year ago the life of a dear friend, professional photographer and bike enthusiast David Toms changed dramatically. David Toms' photography; his Lifestyle, Private, Commercial and especially his Wedding work is known, admired and hanging proudly on the walls of many.  David is a professional that many of the team at My Guide Marbella have known and worked with for over 10 years; a passionate, adventurous and brave man with an enormous talent in photography that suffered an unforeseen accident when his beloved bike hit a patch of sand on the Istán Road just a couple of minutes from the centre of Puerto Banús which left him paralysed in all four limbs.  

Following the accident, David has spent the last year battling yet progressing both physically and mentally; watching the facetime videos and broadcasts on his Facebook page where his positivity and cheeky character continues to shine has been deeply inspiring whilst being truly saddening at the same time.  David spent time initially in the intensive care unit in Malaga was then moved to a specialist spinal injury hospital in Toledo and, more recently, a residential facility in Granada which sadly, and despite the care shown by staff within the facility, has not been the most suitable location for David's continuing progress and an alternative is needed.  He has received incredible and unfaltering support from close friends and family throughout this journey and local people, especially those within Marbella's wedding planning 'family', have also been able to raise funds. Currently, David receives no financial support from the state, apart from a minimal monthly amount for permanent disability which is still pending with paperwork still being in progress. This means his support team are relying almost solely on donations for David’s care on a month-to-month basis and volunteering their time and expenses completely.

His support team are preparing to move him back home to the Costa del Sol, but they urgently need YOUR help for the next stage in David’s journey. They have found a fantastic facility in Alhaurin de la Torre, Malaga, which offers 24/7 care with all staff and patients speaking English. David will have his own room with a view and have access to the vast grounds, which are wheelchair accessible. Most importantly, he will receive the best treatment from a team with a wealth of experience aimed at accelerating the recovery process. 

In order to make this move possible and sustainable the support team have set up an account where if you feel able you can opt to donate monthly.  You would only need to set up your details once and it really doesn't matter the size of the donation as everything helps to bring David closer to those who love him.

The link to the fund is here:  

The team are also looking for support from anyone who has a van and is willing to help them transport specialist equipment for David to the new facility. Changes also need to be made to the bathroom so the shower can be made suitable for David’s needs. So any builders who could donate time or materials would be greatly appreciated.

If you can help the team in any way then here are some links and contacts to call!

  • For updates and information  
  • Man (or men!) with a van and builder(s): - Tel: 679 743 986
  • PayPal assistance: Scarlett Smits: - Tel: 656 187 346
  • Donations for equipment - Lisa Franco: - Tel: 692 848 201
  • General enquiries: Sharon McAulay: - Tel: 607 664 404