Valentine's Day as a Single Guy in Marbella

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Definitely not a day for a pity party

However happy or not you are with your single status in life Valentine's Day as a single guy in Marbella can absolutely be a cause for celebration!  February the 14th does not have to be a pity party! There are multiple ways that single guys can make the most of the day without a date, girlfriend or wife being part of the picture, in fact, several single guys I've spoken to seem to think that actually makes the day much easier...!!

So, remember back in January when it was all about New Year's resolutions but perhaps you've actually only hit the gym twice since?  Today is 100% the day to kick start yourself into a positive state of mind with a big workout or some sporting activity like padel, tennis or even go for the day up to Sierra Nevada and hit the slopes!  Whether you hit the gym diligently or need a kick in the butt remember that gyms are full of like-minded people and despite levels of fitness in the room, everyone is there because they want to improve their health and feel good!  While feeling good is the ultimate goal of working out, looking good while doing it doesn't hurt either (especially if there happen to be some hot single ladies in the vicinity which there often is in a gym!!) If you're nervous though about starting to train on your own maybe book in with a trainer.

The next step could then be a bit of pampering.  Definitely not something that's just for the girls, male grooming is a booming business and I'm yet to meet a guy that doesn't enjoy it once they've given it a try!  In Marbella, there are several Barber's that offer the full spa service so think new haircut, beard trimming, facial hair tidy-ups, wet shaves, massage and all done with a fine whiskey in hand!  Sounds good right?  Get the barber to take a few pictures of you once you're done and you may well need to update a profile picture or two.

Feeling strong and looking sharp, and on the basis that you're not needed in the office straight away, now would be a good time to go enjoy a round of golf on one of Marbella's stunning golf courses or skip the golf completely and just go for a boozy lunch with the lads or a bit of a pub crawl! Marbella Puerto Deportivo area is always a good shout for this and there are some really decent Tapas-style lunch spots there like Bocana, Brodernas or Más que Tapas which provide a good setting for a lad's only catch-up. 

Or, if you and your mates lean more towards a bit of adrenaline then go up to Marbella Buggys in the Estepona direction and try out their brand new fleet of off-road buggies for a speed-fuelled afternoon.  Roland and his team up there also team up with some of the local bars so you can package up with a few beers and food afterwards just ask when making the enquiry.  Depending on the day of the week that the 14th falls watching a game in one of Marbella's sports bars could also be on the day's itinerary, if you're into Rugby then the 6th nations is always on.  Flankers, All in one, Portside, The Social or Links are all good options with the lads.

If after a day including some or all of the above doesn't leave you feeling happily single then hey, why not use one of those fabulous photos you took at the barber's to set yourself up a new profile on an online dating site or check out one of the ladies night's happening in town ;)

- Work out or Play padel at the Real Padel club
- Get groomed at Uppercuts or Ego in La Cañada
- Enjoy a good round of Golf
- Adrenaline fuelled fun at Marbella Buggys
- Lunch with a Decent Beer at Brodernas or Daytona
- Watch the sports at Flanker Bar or Portside
- Investigate some of the Ladies nights and make this your last Valentine's Day as a singleton on our events calendar!