Valentine's Day as a Single Girl in Marbella

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Plan a day of feel good factor with or without a man involved

Valentine's Day has been celebrated as a day of romance from around the 14th century until the current day. There's no denying that Valentine's Day is very much a couple's affair and everyone has an opinion on what you should or shouldn't do with your loved one but if you're single and your loving intentions are firmly set on yourself, and hey you know what they say about needing to love yourself first before anyone else can, then here are a few tips to enjoy Valentine's Day as a single girl in Marbella.  Everywhere I mention is linked at the bottom of this article.

Personally, I have always loved Valentine's Day as I am a total romantic at heart but as a single woman, the expectations and then potential disappointment of what your husband or boyfriend may or maybe NOT planning can happily go out of the window!  Admittedly Valentine's Day has become much more about couples and commercialisation than it is about love or friendship or any of those warm fuzzy feelings we were sold in Primary school but it can absolutely be a day of doing everything that makes you feel loved with or without a guy in sight.

So to start the day I would most definitely plan an outfit that makes you feel truly amazing.  Whether that is your latest workout gear as you want to start the day in the gym, fluffy PJs because your plan for the day is Netflix and bed or a suit and killer heels for the office make sure you are wearing an outfit that you love yourself in.  It may be that you want to take yourself shopping for this outfit and splash out in the designer stores in Puerto Banús or, you may have something already in the wardrobe but be sure to give it some thought and be as bold as you like, whatever your personal style is. 

Self-care is vital nowadays and for good reason. With schedules that move a million times a minute we could all use a little more "me time" to stop and take a breath and what better day to do that than on a holiday about love! That may start with just having your favourite tunes on when you wake up and singing your heart out but I would also take the opportunity to get some well-deserved pampering in or book a personal training session perhaps and work on that body of yours from its core...literally!  Go get a facial and a blow dry at one of the fabulous salons in town such as La Vida by Vera or Bardou or maybe ask a professional make-up artist like the lovely Liza Mayne to give you a new look for the day.  Booking yourself a massage is also a fabulous idea on Valentine's Day as it's often something we know we need but don't get around to organising!  In Marbella, there are professionals like Mike Izon that can come to your home or hotel or you could of course go to a spa.   When it comes to personal training you will also find professionals that can work with you in a gym or at your home. There are several Luxury spas that you could relax in for the day but my favourite is the one at the Marbella Club.

If the slower pace of pampering and quiet self-care isn't your idea of loving yourself then maybe it's more a case of getting some other single friends together and planning a day out with some fun together.  For the active people out there, Marbella provides amazing hiking territory.  Pack up a luxury picnic with some bubbles may be and get the girls together for a day of exploring the sensational views that our environment can offer.  The Mirador point of La Concha is a winner every time for that little escape from the bustling crowds and feeling of freedom.  Or, weather dependent you may be able to take a yacht out for a few hours and enjoy some time on the Med with the Winter sun shining.

For the foodies amongst you, why not gather your single besties together and host a themed dinner party?  There's no need to be single and sitting in a restaurant amongst a load of, often uber tense, couples on Valentine's night and you never know it could be an opportunity for certain friends of yours to get to know each other a little better....Go one step further and see if one of the MLC Private Chefs could come to your home and cater the evening for you and if you want to add some spice then why not get a Cheeky Butler to serve the drinks ;)

In my book Valentine's Day as a single woman is definitely a day to do exactly what I choose and dedicate it to everything I love; a time to slow down a bit maybe, make some totally selfish choices and appreciate just how awesome I am! 

- Pamper yourself at La Vida by Vera
- Book a make-up session with Liza
- Book a personal training with one of the professional Marbella Personal trainers
- Book a massage
- Check out a spa
- Enjoy a Hike up La Concha and take a luxury picnic
- Hire a yacht for a couple of hours
- Create a dinner party with MLC Private Chefs
- Add some spice with a Cheeky Butler