Michael Bolton at Hotel Puente Romano

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Crazy Music Productions

Crazy Music Productions has hosted some spectacular concerts this summer season here in Marbella and Michael Bolton's concert was no exception! It smashed the ball straight out of the park! Again, in the famous Puente Romano Tennis Club, the concert was a great way to start the final month of summer. 

But before Michael Bolton wowed us with his ballads, we had the best warm up act we've seen all summer - the amazing Melissa Nkonda! Not only could she sing and dance amazingly, she looked amazing doing it in her flowy loose gold mini dress. From raggae remixes to Bruno Mars she had us on our feet ready to sing along to all the words. 

Michael Bolton took the stage and at 64 years old was still as charismatic and suave as he was when his music career first took him to fame. His voice didn't shake once, and from the opening song he had the crowd engaged and singing along. Older audience members knew every song like expected, but young audience members were pleasantly surprised to actually know most songs also... before Kanye West, the world had Michael Bolton singing about the women that he "got"!!  

He sang all the classics that we were looking forward to hearing, like "Said I loved you but I lied", "How am I supposed to live without you" and "To love somebody". All the romantics in Puente Romano grabbed the person the person they were with the moment he started his extremely famous "When a man loves a woman" and I'm pretty sure they didn't let go until the last second of the song... you could feel the passion! 

Unlike most concerts, where the act stays firmly on stage, there was a moment of confusion when you could hear Michael singing... but the stage was empty - he was in the audience serenading one lucky woman! His audience participation really made it a special concert, and for that we know it will be a concert we talk about for a long time! 

We look forward to welcoming you back to Marbella, Michael Bolton!