Marbella media frenzy as Pamela Anderson opens Playa Padre with Maria Bravo

Food & Drink
The arrival of Baywatch beauty, Pamela Anderson at the launch of the latest Marbella beach club, Playa Padre, had the local and international press stampeeding like fleeing wilderbeast on the Serengeti, desperately vying for the perfect photo, I just wished for David Attenborough to be there doing the voiceover!

 I must say though it is nice to have a real A lister down in Marbella as opposed to the Z listers that, to be fair are only famous for being famous, and I guess it was with that in mind that every media person on the coast turned out for a look at the famous one in the "Red Bikini", and we certainly weren't there for the free sandwiches, there our plate was bare.

Owner Maria Bravo, of Global Gift fame, cut the ribbon with Pamela, looking resplendant in an off the shoulder floral evening dress, that she clearly thought would double as a swimming cossie, jumping into the sea in true Bay Watch style as soon as the hoards of press had left to file their images to various national and international publications.
 The club itself looks fantastic, simple and chic, although I do have concerns on the length of the reeds used to cover the roof and parasols, a little too much flame on your cigar lighter and the whole thing could go up in flames, which of course it did famously last year.
The food has yet to be tested, but I have no doubt it will be up there with the best, and Playa Padre has already caught the eye of a few "celebs" with several of them tweeting the obligitory Instagram from Marbella lounging on their spacious beach beds.
 So should you wish to get away from the silicone and tattoed biceps of Banus this surely is a must visit.