Marbella Suitcase Essentials

Editorial Inspiration Mini Break

What to Pack for your Marbella Holiday

Having worked in fashion for the last 16 years my wardrobe is fairly extensive. Therefore the suggestion of ´capsule wardrobe´  fills me with total dread!  

I may only have carry-on but said luggage will be bursting at the seams! I'll be damned if a weight limit is going to stop me from taking at least 7 bikinis for a 4-day trip and don't even get me started on shoes! That being said years of lugging cases around the world for fashion shoots and having to look half decent myself,  I have picked up some handy tips to streamline your holiday fashion choices. 

Here are some helpful tips to make sure your Marbella Suitcase contains all the essentials.

SWIMWEAR - BUY A NEW ONE or at the very least try your old one on before you leave!
How many ladies do you know fluctuate with weight through marriage, babies, breakups, why would you just assume your bikini will fit you like a glove year in year out? Save yourself some in location panic buying and make sure you get yourself a decent and flattering one that fits before you leave! 

FLIP FLOPS - Go with a sparkly pair that can double up for day or night. I usually buy a size bigger than I am just for added comfort in the heat. 

JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES - Summer holidays are the perfect time to experiment with large and colourful jewellery you would otherwise avoid. 
Jewellery and accessories are also a really great low-cost way of updating an otherwise basic outfit. Team a festival boho necklace with a simple white T-shirt and denim shorts, or some giant earrings and a headscarf with your bikini. 

HANDBAGS - Save space and use your beach bag as your travel handbag. You can stuff it full of all your essentials and its also useful on arrival. It sounds pretty obvious but don't forget THE SUN IS HOT so natural materials like basket bags and hemp bags work best. I can't tell you how many sequin beach bags I have bought cause they pretty and they have burnt me like a turkey as soon as I pick them up!

SHOES - You will, of course, need flip flops for the daytime. I'd recommend getting a decent sparkly pair that can take you from day to casual night.  
For heels, you literally can't go wrong with a pair of strappy snakeskin heels! (faux of course) They will go with every single outfit you pack!! DONT pack court shoes to Marbella! Your feet swell so much in the summer heat you won't be able to get them on, they will be a total waste of space in your luggage! 

**Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash