Gabriella Kauffmann Exhibition Kasser Rassu, Marbella

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“...In my paintings I tell stories about people and their relations, how we are boxed in our bodies and minds.”

Like all artists, Gabriella Kauffmann from Østerbro, Copenhagen loves to be in her studio and work.
Actually, she couldn’t think of anything more interesting to do, it’s demanding but at the same time also very rewarding. Since childhood she has always studied people, and still does.

Today it’s at a more advanced level. As we age we all get more experienced and have a deeper understanding of human nature and the surrounding universe. This is also reflected in her art Gabriella explains, ”…to me, structure by definition is the relation among elements. In this environment I’m especially interested in human beings. In my work I’m investigating the energy within, around and between people". And after a brief pause, she continues, “…We all exist in a space of energy that gives structure to our life. The square and many different layers in my paintings symbolize the structure of a formless energy, which in this context are feelings, thoughts and memories”. There is no doubt that she works hard in the studio. Nothing comes from nothing.
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