Double Date Night For Denise van Outen in Marbella

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Denise van Outen takes boyfriend Eddie Boxhall on a double date with friends to La Sala in Marbella

Now it can't be coincidence that the same week the cast of TOWIE resume, and we do suffer their normal summer filming of "The Only Way Is Marbs", that the show's narrator (I didn't know it had one) Denise van Outen turns up with her beau, Eddie the same week, is she making sure they behave themselves. All will be revealed when the latest edition comes out in September, or whenever, I don't care.
Now on a personal front, having worked with some of the biggest stars in the World like Robert de Niro (nice guy), Harvey Keitel (nice guy), Elton John (great off stage, awfull on), Mick (don't look me in the eyes) Hucknall, (don't ask), Denise, I know she's not A list, but what a lovely celeb she is, as soon as she saw me, Nikon in hand of course ( Canon, are you kidding) she came straight up to me and said whatever I needed she would come out to do ( mind races, we're in public, hell whatever, could do a lot worse,  just kidding, actually I'm not...) Anyhoo, as celebs go she was a 10 and some of her TOWIE lot should take note, none of you will be Eizabeth Taylor or Brigite Bardot, far from it live with, and eat some humble pie, take a leaf out of Denise's book and know your place, Oh and by the way, the food in La Sala is actually really good, which is clearly why Essex's smartest girl goes there.
By the way Denise, I live in Marbella and should you find yourself free.......