National Gin & Tonic Day Marbella


The top 7 Gin and Tonic bars in Marbella.

We aren’t sure if its a total coincidence that National Gin & Tonic Day coincides with San Pedro Feria, but we are very grateful as it compliments yet ANOTHER day the kids are off school perfectly!

As a total Gin novice for the majority of my life, it was only in later life I discovered it is the Tonic I don’t like, NOT the gin! The way in which the perfect G&T is blended can completely change the taste and your enjoyment level. There is nothing worse than a basic G&T (as far as I am concerned) I need all the bells and whistles. You can go from fruity to sour depending on which tonic (I have friends who won't drink it without Nordic Blue tonic) and added extras you throw in fruit, flowers you name it. I still don’t know what those little black balls that look like coffee grains are...

In honour of National Gin & Tonic day, My Guide Marbella has compiled a list of the top 7 Gin bars in the Marbella area to relax and enjoy your favourite tipple!

El Guino (San Pedro)
Selected as it has an extensive Gin menú and is in the heart of San Pedro! I perfect escape from Feria madness.  

Siroko (El Rosario)
Has the most unbelievable cocktails and of course a gorgeous sea view!  The G&Ts aren’t bad either!

Barocco (Marbella Paseo)
Right in the middle of the Marbella paseo a perfect spot for a couple of G&Ts and some people watching!

Monkey Club
Based in the Puente Romano hotel, this is a more high brow gin experience in a relaxed setting.

Black Rose (Estepona)
Set in the luxurious surrondings of the Kempinski Hotel, they have the most talented mixologists, and glorious sea views. 

Vovem (Nueva Andalucia) 
Not only do they have a great drinks menu but they have serious quality food menu too. 
They also do sharing plates which is perfect for teaming with your G&T and friends.

El Grifo (Marbella) 
A small but perfectly stocked craft bar mins from the port of Marbella. A wide selection of gins and also craft beer and more! A perfect place for after work cocktails.