Marbella's Town Hall reinforces new Beach Program


Beach Program

Marbella's Town Hall has a new campaign in place in order to enjoy their beaches in a safe way, with measures that include the distribution of informative brochures, the placement of children's identification bracelets and advice to act on possible jellyfish stings.
Manuel Cardeña, has explained some of the things to keep in mind in order to spend a nice day at the beach whilst also being cautious like, avoid spending too much time in the sun, keeping hydrated, keeping an eye on the flags before getting in the sea and find out about the weather conditions if you practice any sports activity.

The bracelets have been placed as a security measure in case of a lost child, the bracelets will have the adults contact details and these can be found or asked for by any of the lifeguards posts.

The information brochure, which will be distributed among bathers and water sports practitioners, includes other tips such as not jumping head first without knowing the depth of the water; do not venture into places where currents are not known; do not use floats or mats to get away from the shore; monitor the children at all times and do not expose them directly to the sun; do not practice sports alone and, in any case, tell family or friends about the place you are going; leave immediately from the sea if you notice discomfort, chills, itching or fatigue, and if you see someone in trouble in the water and you are not an expert, - do not throw yourself into the sea.