Marbella Nights In Your Living Room

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A round up of the best music from Marbella's favourite clubs and bars

If you have had to cancel an up and coming trip to Marbella, or maybe you are a resident but currently somewhat stuck in your house dreaming of those warm summer nights and all the amazing Nightlife venues and the atmosphere that is unique to our beautiful city, then fear not!

Some of your favourite nightlife venues are bringing the party to you, with their best DJs compiling Spotify and You Tube playlists, just get your AirPods in, switch on the speakers or play direct from your TV and you can imagine you are really here!

Some of you may prefer the chilled out vibes of DJ Sunso at Breathe or perhaps you want to dance the night away at Olivia Valere's ?  I think we can all agree that music is a mood changer, so lets get uplifted, crank the volume UP and we can all dance through this together! 

Click the names below for links to their playlists:


Olivia Valere's

La Sala 

Linekers Bar

La Suite 

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