Learn about the Breathe Gift Trees Programme

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Founded together with Marvin Baker of the Green Earth Appeal

Marvin Baker is the founder of Green Earth Appeal, his passion for ‘Making the world a better place’ started in 2009 when he was living in South Africa and saw firsthand the life struggle of those in need. He knew he could help. Child poverty, and the need to beg for food & services is shocking to those who are privileged enough to not have to have such daily worries. Marvin returned from South Africa with one mission in mind, to make that change. At My Guide Marbella, we could not agree more with his decisions, we all have a responsibility to the world and those who live in it. Marvin started to plan what has now become one of the world’s most successful sustainability programs, The GreenEarthAppeal .

The idea is to take a community, educate it to use the land via Agroforestry, and provide the infrastructure, tools, nurseries and the trees themselves as saplings – Marvin knew this would change people's lives and he was right.

Trees are a panacea, they will grow, given a little help and management. Trees such as Moringa Trees, Mango Trees and Papaya Trees bear fruits, a source of food for entire villages. The surplus provides money from selling the fruit, leaves feed the animals, bi-products from the fruits such as oil can help create medicines, and the best part of all of this is it’s all sustainable. Not only do these projects provide for the communities they are in, but communities that the projects are unable to reach also have the chance to benefit too. They of course can purchase the fruits for consumption but also gain knowledge and understanding from these communities and start projects of their own. In Marvin’s own words ‘Sustainable life for now and the generations to come’. So far Green Earth Appeal has planted over 1 million trees and continues to grow more.

How can we all get involved?
Here in Marbella, we all love to eat food, drink with friends and enjoy a good atmosphere so with these thoughts in mind the Team at Breathe, led by Aguilene Benicio CEO & Founder of Breathe, started the journey with Marvin in 2018. Together Breathe and its fabulous diners to date have planted over 41,000 trees through donations and their Carbon Free Dining experience.

Breathe has now also enabled its diners to join the Green Earth Appeal community through its Breathe Gift Trees program, giving anyone, not just its diners the opportunity to gift a tree. The Moringa ‘miracle’ Tree, The Papaya Tree and the Mango Tree are the go-to trees for these projects. Making this program a success is Breathe’s mission! To find out more about it take a look at their website here or feel free to ask any of the staff when you are dining or having a drink at Breathe in the future.