Irish Music Festival in Marbella an Amazing Success

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Guinness, fiddles and penny whistles at the Parque Constitution Marbella

There's thing about the Irish, and that is they sure know how to enjoy themselves, and this was acutely evident at the Irish Music Festival this weekend with copious amounts of the Liffey Water (Guinness) and many a song sung 
Thanks to the forward thinking of the good people of the Claddagh, Marbella's premier Irish bar, and some good foresight from the Town Hall, Marbella's large Irish population, plus a myriad of other nationalities enjoyed two days of Irish music in the Parque de Constitution in the centre of Marbella.
Finbar Furey, a true legend in Eire, with his band The Fureys headlined both days at the park, playing everything from the tin whistle (a real tear jerker) to the banjo, playing many a classic Irish tune.
Also on stage were the excellent  Stolen Gnomes, Sean Murray and ably compared by Dublin funny man Al Foran.
The Town hall were delighted at the turnout and promised next years event would be even better, although I have to say that will be a mighty task, oh, and for those of you wondering if it was all drinking and dancing, no, to keep the stomach well lined with fine food, the fine people at The Beacon Gastro Bar were on hand to make sure nothing was drunk on an empty belly