How to register with a doctor in Marbella

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Step by step guide to register with the public healthcare system in Marbella

First of all, you will need to understand if you are eligible for free public healthcare in Marbella, Spain.

If you are a non-Spanish national living permanently in Marbella, generally you are entitled to state healthcare if you are any of the following:

  • Employed or self-employed and paying social security in Spain
  • In receipt of certain state benefits
  • A dependant of someone who pays social security.
  • A child or pregnant.
  • Under 26 and studying in the public system
  • A state pensioner 
Before you go any further you will need your Residencia or TIE so if you haven't got that organised yet then best check out this article first

You will then need proof of your entitlement to healthcare which can be either your work contract, your "vida laboral" and documentation showing that you are in "alta" if you are self-employed or a certificate of healthcare entitlement from the main social security office in Marbella. To obtain this you need to make an appointment online

Then consider where your nearest health centre is located.  There are centres in San Pedro, La Campana, Nueva Andalucía, Marbella-Las Albarizas and Elviria. Go to the healthcentre with your TIE / Residency original and copy, passport and proof of entitlement.  Here you will need to take a ticket and wait in turn at the reception desk.  They will give you a form to complete, take details of your ID and then your card will arrive by mail to the address that is found on your residency paperwork.

Once your card has arrived be sure to register on the Salud Responde Application so that you can easily make your appointments with your doctor in the future and gain prescriptions from the chemists at heavily subsidised rates. 

There are times that you maybe resident in Spain but not have entitlement to public healthcare, in which case you may opt for a Private Healthcare contract.  There are several companies here including Sanitas, DKV, Helicopteros Sanitarios and more that can be found if you click in this section of our website