George Benson is a sell out in Marbella

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Anybody who visits Marbella as much as the great George Benson and has such a huge fan base, should seriously consider moving here!

"GB", as he will now be referred to, has in my knowledge never had an empty seat at any one of his numerous Marbella gigs, and anyone who had been to his latest forray into the Marbella concert season will know why.

His guitar work is as slick and effortless as a Graham Norton interview, with one classic rolling into the next with the ease of a finely quaffed Claret.

Now there's nothing like having a trusty blonde hanging around your neck, and GB is as much a fan as me, except in his case, the blonde is his trusty Ibanez GB10, fashioned from the very blondest of maples and as ever sweet as the syrup. Unlike some of the blondes in my life, this one didn't whine and moan when left on its own for her Master to belt out some of his classic vocal tracks like "Turn Your Love Around" and "Never Give Up".

Fans at Puente Romano were treated to an amazing night of great songwriting, smooth lyrics and unfeasable fretwork, GB is legend, and long may it continue.

Of course for some of the lucky ones the night didn't end with the final encore and they were invited upstairs to the "Green" room to meet the Master himself, and get a quick photo from yours truly. The rest of the evening, late though it was, will be consigned to history as George and I with the band in tow headed up to the new super exclusive members club in the Hotel for Champagne Coctails and some Mombassa and Tonic...very nice too I must add!

Super friendly and ameniable, George Benson is one of the industry's nice guys and I wish it would rub ofs on some of the younger "stars"

So untill the next time George, we'll just hang here "Breezin"

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