Carlos Moya digs deep to win the 2017 Senior Masters Cup in Marbella


A hard fought battle saw the Spaniard overcome John McEnroe in a centre court thriller

It was a packed centre court that saw John "you can't be serious" McEnroe vanquished by Spaniard and all round good guy, Carlos Moya at this weekends Senior masters Cup Final.

 In previous years the senior Masters Cup has been a pretty poorly attended event, but this year, thanks to the marvellous marketing skills of Elisabeth Oop de Beek, the centre court, now named after Spain's first tennis ledgend, Manolo Santana, was bedecked with great sponsorship banners and packed to the gunwhales with eager tennis fans.
Now I wont pontificate on who had the best volley, back hand or forearm smash as I probably know more about quantum physics than tennis, which is nought, but I will tell you that it was great entertainment for all and should you be here next September I highly recomend going along to watch the tennis greats still slugging it out on the clay. In a fairly even match, Moya finaly broke "The Mac" to win 6-4 6-4
Other matches included players like Pato Clavet, Aussie favorite Pat Cash, Yannick Noah, Mats Wilander and Albert Costa