November Weather in Marbella

A summary of what to expect with the weather if you are in Marbella during the months of November

The weather in November can vary in Marbella, the average temperature stays close to 14°C and 20°C which tends to lower towards the end of the month. You will find the occasional cloudburst, however, they don't have a tendency to last very long and the region still benefits from the beautiful Mediterranean sunshine most days.

If you are brave enough, you could still enjoy a cool swim in the sea after a run along the Paseo Maritimo like some of the My Guide Marbella team does on the way into the office!

Some good places to visit
You could easily spend a very nice day exploring Malaga, which is the largest city in the Costa del Sol, located just an hours drive away. You can find Direct Buses from Marbella Bus Station to Malaga. Another great destination to visit at this time of year is Nerja, you can find this beautiful place bypassing Malaga at another 40 minutes drive. If you decide driving is too much of a hassle Simply Shuttles are an ideal alternative, providing well-priced service. Here you can find the famous Parque Verano Azul, where they televised a well known Spanish series in 1981 and of course the Balcon de Europa. The Cuevas de Nerja are a must visit if you find yourself in the area.

What to pack - Essentials / What to wear
You will need a foldable umbrella in case of light showers and a cosy jacket for the night and early mornings. A camera is of course always essential on any holiday and don't forget to chuck your favourite Lip balm in whilst your at it. Nobody want's chapped lips, especially in a selfie.

Best places to find the locals
The Beacon is a great place to visit at this time of year for a nice meal in the evening amongst friends, they have an outdoor terrace and an indoor area to choose from. The Claddagh is ideal for a few drinks amongst your fellow Irish friends, everyone has one right, and you can enjoy a good night of Live music too. Head to the Orange Square for a wander and take a walk through the lovely cobbled narrow streets where you'll find lots of restaurants and bars to relax in. La Sala is also one to visit for either dinner or a few drinks whilst you enjoy some entertainment. Visit La Concha and take in the natural landscapes of Marbella, make sure to take a jacket with you and then head to Franks Corner where you can find the locals and enjoy a game of snooker whilst sipping on a nice cocktail.

What not to miss
The 1st of the month is a public holiday!! This is the "Día de los muertos" or Day of the dead; you will find that all the public shops, banks, doctors etc will all be closed so make sure you plan for a day off!

What you should be drinking
  • Bloody Mary
  • Irish Coffee
  • Ginger and Honey Tea