February Weather in Marbella

A summary of what to expect with the weather if you are in Marbella during the month of February

What's the weather going to be like in February?
Well, now there's a question, February can be as unpredictable as the number of Valentines cards that land on my doormat.

Some years it can be red hot, with thoughts of digging out your shorts and heading for the beach, or as this year is proving, rather chilly in the shade, with evening terrace dining not really an option, although thankfully most decent establishments will have made provision, with patio heaters and my favorite, the excellent and dirt cheap blankets from Ikea.

Daytime temperatures on a non El Niño year can rise to the heady heights of the mid 20's and dropping sharply as the sun goes down to an average of 15 degrees, having said that, if you are visiting from Nova Scotia or the tundra of Siberia you will find the climes most pleasant.
So what to do when the beach is a no no?

Well, this is an ideal time to take advantage of the amazing countryside around Marbella and grab your walking boots and head for the hills. For the fitter amongst you, the hike up to Marbella's most famous landmark La Concha is a must, although I must stress, it's not a stroll by any means. If you are feeling a little less energetic why not take in the wonderful old lanes of the historical Old Town of Marbella and check out Orange Square. 

Another great thing about the slightly colder evenings is the clear skies, paving the way for the most amazing sunsets, with views across the Mediterranean of the Riff Mountains in Morocco, with the Pillars of Hercules being visible on most nights. 
If you are flying into Marbella this February I would recommend covering all your clothing needs with a nice overcoat should the nights get a little chilly, you can always buy some swimming gear when you get here, El Corte Ingles has a great range.