Puente Romano Beach Resort & Spa bring a taste of Ibiza to Marbella with El Chiringuito

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Sure to find itself on a Marbella top 10 place to be seen as well as being a favourite of the die hard Beach Club elite

In recent years beach clubs have sprung up all along this stretch of Costa del Sol coastline and have changed the way people spend their days in Marbella.  The Beach Club at the Puente Romano has seen a few image and concept adaptations over the years (all of which we have loved by the way and Suite del Mar in particular holds many great memories!) but it seems to have now matured somewhat in an 'oh so cool' way with the launch of El Chiringuito.  

El Chiringuito is part of the already ultra chic brand that has the hard core, razor thin and uber stylish Ibiza set hooked and has become one of the island’s top beach eateries; no doubt the Marbella location is sure to be the same especially when it is coupled with the refinement of the 5 star Puente Romano Beach Resort in contrast to the tricky to find (impossible to get a taxi home) location in Ibiza! A  triumph of white dĂ©cor and bleached wood with a beachfront collection of sun beds and a stylish lounge with squishy white sofas provides a healthy, unpretentious and soulful backdrop for the El Chiringuito restaurant.

In the words of the owner of the Puente Romano Beach Resort & Spa, Mr Daniel Shamoon, “We have brought the best of Ibiza to Marbella"

The menu is diverse and one that will make everybody smile! From burgers to pastas, fresh fish to Black Angus and endless modern fine dining options and healthy treats that are just as beautiful as the attractive décor we are sure it will find itself on many a Marbella Top 10 place to be seen as well as being a favourite of the die hard Beach Club elite! When we were invited to the private launch on a warm June evening we enjoyed Tuna Tartar, Moules Frites, a Fennel Mushroom and Parmagiano Salad and simple yet delicious fresh Dorada all paired with the perfect wines and a friendly service.

While El Chiringuito is not necessarily a party venue, the Ibiza and Dubai venues do know how to throw one with their opening and closing parties known to be particularly popular and we are certain that Marbella won’t disappoint in that respect by attracting headline DJs as well as a guestslist of the Social elite and Celebrity circuit.  We also expect El Chiringuito to provide the perfect setting for romantic weddings on the sand as well as years of laid back and chic memory making for families and friends.

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