Motoring Giants meet at Daytona in Puerto Banus

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Horacio Pagani and Joe Ramirez meet in Marbella

Legendary car designer and builder Horacio Pagani and Joe Ramirez, McLaren Formula One Team coordinator tuck into Daytona¡s amazing pizzas before roaring off to the Concours d' Elegance at Villa Padierna 

Joe Ramírez was for 17 years the coordinator of the McLaren Formula One team, probably the most exciting time for the team and with a career that spanned 479 Grand Prix with 116 winners, 10 F1 Drivers' World Championships and 5 F1 World Champions: Jackie Stewart, Niki Lauda, Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna and Mika Häkkinen, Joe Ramirez is undoubtedly an F1 God.

Meeting up with Joe at Daytona Bar and Grill was the owner, inventor and builder of one of the worlds most exclusive (and expensive) Hyper-Cars the Pagani Huayara. Having had the pleasure of being at the launch of Horacio's new Huayara in Milan a few years ago it was great to see him turn up in the great car to Daytona, where it immediately attracted a throng of petrol heads eager to get a closer look and even chat to the motoring master himself.   

If like me, you are unable, at the moment to afford one of these beauties then the next best thing is to pop down to Daytona and tuck into one of their truly excellent pizzas and marvel at some of the racing memorabilia in the restaurant, and who knows, you never know who will park their hyper-car outside and join you.