Free Family Quiz about Puerto Banús

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A fun and educational quiz suitable for all ages at any time of the year.

This free fun family quiz is the perfect activity to do if you have an hour to kill in Puerto Banús. All of the answers to the quiz can be found by walking around the Puerto Banús area or by asking some of the locals (try not to use google!). 

1.When was Puerto Banús built?
2.Who was Puerto Banús named after?
3.Around how many people visit Puerto Banús annually?  Take a picture of a group of people wandering about in Puerto Banús.
4.How many boats and super yachts can the marina at Puerto Banús accommodate?
5.Take a picture of 3 Luxurious boats/yachts.
6.Take a picture of a brightly coloured super car.
7.Take a picture of a designer store in Puerto Banús.
8.Name 3 of the boutiques that you think are the most luxurious brands located in Puerto Banús.
9.How would you translate “bill please” into Spanish?
10.How would you translate “boat” into Spanish?

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