Spanish NIE Numbers

Expat Guide, Moving to Marbella

The NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero), is an identification number issued to foreigners in Spain. An NIE identifies you whenever you do something official, or which involves the authorities.  For example buying a car or property, getting a job, opening a bank account, getting a mobile phone, renting a property, working or running a business and so on.  The National Police, (Cuerpo Nacional de Policia), handle the application for NIE's.  There National Police station in Marbella has a specific office location on Avenida Duque de Lerma for applications for NIE, TIE and other residency matters which is just a short drive from the La Cañada Shopping centre.  

How to Get an NIE in Marbella

You can obtain an NIE via the Spanish embassy in your own country before you come to Marbella.  To do it this way, you take your application in person to the Consulate General, and it is then passed on to the National Police in Spain to be processed as usual.  This can take anything from 2 - 4 weeks but expect to wait longer in 2021 as there is certainly a backlog at the embassy.

Most people apply directly when they arrive in Spain or have someone handle it on their behalf.  Estate agents, or lawyers will often assist you with getting an NIE, either as part of their service, or for fee.
To get an NIE in Marbella yourself, you first need to make an appointment at the National Police station.  The appointment is booked online, (here), and you will have a form to complete online called an EX15 and you have to pay an application fee called the Modelo 790 (tax) prior to your appointment.  You can fill in both forms online and then print them off to take with you to the appointment and to pay the fee at a bank. The bank stamps the form as a receipt for your payment.

With these forms completed and in your hand you will also need a few other things on the day of the appointment.
1. Photocopy of your passport 
2. Actual Passport
3. Copy of the appointment code that you are given when you get the date/time online

This is the link to the application fee form: Modelo 790, and another for the English translation guide to completing the EX15 form

Once you have presented your application and it's been accepted, depending on how busy they are, you will either be given your NIE there and then, or you may be asked to come back in a few days to collect it.  The NIE is only valid when accompanied by an internationally recognised form of ID, such as a passport or national ID card.

NOTE: If you are moving to Marbella to live or want to spend more that 3 months, you’ll also need to apply for a residency TIE, (and visa if you’re a national from a non-Eu country.  You can get an NIE first before you apply for residency just so you can get certain things moving such as bank accounts and utilities but it’s not always necessary.  If you don’t have an NIE when you apply for residency you’ll be given one when you get your residency card.