A day spent in Gibraltar is not one to be missed when holidaying on the Costa del Sol. Gibraltar is an overseas territory of the UK and still the site of a large naval base. It lies between Spain and Africa and is easily accessed through Spain by car or on foot (you will need to bring your passport for entry and in the case of certain nationalities you will also need to apply for a special Visa). To get to Africa there is a short ferry that takes you straight into Morroco where a wealth of shopping and culture awaits you.

The pillar of the island is, of course, the Rock of Gibraltar which is about 200 million years old and mainly Jurassic Limestone. There is a cable car that takes you straight to the top and from here you can enjoy the spectacular view, explore caves, tunnels, a Medieval Castle and meet the notorious Barbary Apes, who were around before the British capture of the rock and superstition holds that if the Apes leave then so will the British. The Casino is also a great way to spend an afternoon or evening.

The monkeys are not the only wildlife on the island. Offshore, schools of dolphins like to swim in the bay and there are various boat tours organised for dolphin spotting. Whales have also been known to migrate here and you may even be lucky enough to witness the greatest mammal of all, The Blue Whale. The Upper Rock in spring and autumn is also the stage for millions of migrating birds, so if you’re a bird spotter keep your eyes open for eagles, vultures, buzzards, the Peregrine Falcon, the Blue Rock Thrush and the rare Barbary Partridge.

One of the nicest ways to see Gibraltar is to hire a yacht for the day, come into the Port of Gibraltar, take a break on the rock for a few hours and then sail back to Puerto Banus in the afternoon.