Marbella Gourmet

As well as sharing recipes of traditional Spanish dishes, we thought we'd ask some of the chefs in Marbella, who are using local produce and creating dishes to a Michelin Star standard, to provide us with some recipes that you can also try.

Schilo Van Coevorden - Schilo Restaurant, Finca Cortesin


Tomato Raf                                        1.5 KG

White Onion, Small                            ½

Cucumber                                          ½

Sushi Zu                                              200 ML

Olive Oil                                             100 ML

Coriander                                           ½ Bunch

Mint                                                   ¼ Bunch

Green Chili                                         ½

White Bread                                      4 Slices

Green Pepper, Big                             ½

Garlic                                                 1 Cloves

Ginger                                                5 CM

To Do:

·         Chop the tomato roughly.

·         Peel the onion and chop roughly.

·         Cut the cucumber length ways and take the seeds out.

·         Take the mint leafs of the bunch and chop roughly.

·         Chop the coriander roughly.

·         Take the seeds out of the chili and chop roughly

·         Take the crust of the white bread.

·         Clean the garlic and chop roughly.

·         Peel the ginger and chop roughly.

·         Blend all together very fine. Season with pepper and salt. Keep it in the fridge for at least 30 minutes to make it cold.



Cucumber                                                      2

Glucose                                                          200 ML

Sushi Zu                                                         50 ML

Gelatine leaf                                                  1

To Do:

·         Soak the gelatin in cold water until soft.

·         Juice enough cucumbers until you have 500 ML juice.

·         Heat up 100 ML and melt the glucose and soaked gelatin in it.

·         Mix with the rest of the juice.

·         Add the Sushi Zu and mix well.

·         Season with salt and pepper.

·         Put in ice cream machine and turn until sorbet.

To Serve:

Make a small scoop of the cucumber sorbet and put it in a serving bowl. Cut a small square of cucumber and place it next to it with some small mini mesculan leafs and flowers. Pour the gazpacho around the garnish in the bowl.