Salon Spain


Sat May 28th 2016 to Sun May 29th 2016
Marbella, Ascari Circuit, Carretera Ronda Campillos, KM30.5

Event Details

Salon Spain is a Premier Supercar Event and the only one to focus purely on the top tier, premium sector. It is the only event in Spain where owners and potential buyers can view the majority of current super & luxury car brands all together at the same time on one lawn or in motion as they parade on the grounds of the Ascari Circuit in Ronda. It is a luxurious hospitality-only event appealing to discerning guests, collectors, buyers, owners and enthusiasts who prefer a more intimate and engaging experience rather than the crowds and queues normally associated with motoring events. It is a presentation of the very finest automotive and luxury brands as well as the rarest and most valuable cars and motorcycles, all of which will be beautifully displayed on the spectacular Ascari Circuit. Visitors can expect numerous spectacular demonstrations. For further information send an email to the organisers via this page.

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