Cooking Class - Eat Yourself Sexy

The Urban Villa - Boutique Villa Marbella

Sat Aug 20th 2016 at 18:00
, Marbella
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Eat Yourself sexy...

Cooking and food demo class.

Learn how to make faboulous food and live a healthy life filled with vitality and passion.

At The Urban Villa Boutique Hotel Marbella on the 20th August, 6pm till 10pm

Cooking with Vegan Chef Gilly Jaxson, Showing you how to get sexy and expand your food horizons to feel amazing from the inside out!

Let's get you started on a good path, come and take an exciting food journey for an afternoon. You will learn how to shop for healthy foods, how to cook up tasting, nutritious meals that will make you feel amazingly energized, vibrant and sexy! Within a few weeks see you skin glow, and your eyes shine and you will just feel happier.

The quickest and most effective way to take years off those looks and get sexy is simply by changing what you eat. A full day food workshop in the kitchen with Vegan Chef Gilly Jaxson, where you will learn how to take away the years, and bring out a new sexier you.

The class includes simple, practical good advice on how to change what you are presently eating so that it can have more energy, by changing a few simple things in your diet, you can ease pain in your body, experience loss weight, de-stress and get better sleep, you will find you have more energy and just feel happier in my body, more vibrant and of course feel more sexy!

This is the first in a series of healthy eating food workshops here in Marbella Spain.

• Receive tips on how to create a healthy diet plan (vegan).

• How to ‘healthy’ food shop (Do's and Don't).

• Easy 'everyday vegan recipes' & cooking tips.

• Learn how to create 3 tasty vegan 'power' meals.

• Basic dietary and nutritional advice.

A vegan food transformation workshop that could change your life!

limited spaces please book early

For more information, please click on the web link below:!urban-villa/c1ujc

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